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Horizontal machines

Perfect conditions for the large-scale production of high-quality elastomer articles

The stable machine design with a tremendously deflection-resistant clamping unit ensures high-quality rubber and silicone moulded parts. In conjunction with a DESMA FlowControl cold runner block and / or a DesFlex system competitive edges in elastomer processing are secured.

The horizontal machine series D 969 with clamping forces from 1,000 kN - 10,000 kN forms the ideal basis of every type of application.

The stable clamping unit in 4-column technique ensures minimum deflection and allows for platens and hydraulic lifting devices to be precisely guided. Since being equipped with the retractable injection unit FIFO-B, deflections within the nozzle area are almost completely reduced due to a minimum platen through-hole and the additional contact force of the injection unit. With the D 969.300 Z (S1) and the D 969.400 Z (S1) SEALMASTER for the field of precision seals and O-rings, DESMA developed special machines with very high specific surface compressing and high deflection resistance with compact external dimensions – just one example of many of the innovative strength of the enterprise.

D 969.100 Z (S1)
D 969.100 Z (S1)
D 969.160 Z (S1)
D 969.160 Z (S1)
D 969.300 Z (S1)
D 969.300 Z (S1)
D 969.400 Z (S1)
D 969.400 Z (S1)
  • Optionally available with retractable FIFO-B or stationary FIFO-C injection unit
  • Electrically driven automation systems
  • Automatic demoulding monitoring
  • DesFlex system to minimize flash
  • Particularly bending-resistant clamping unit in four-column design
  • Sturdy injection moulding machine bed design for heavy moulds
  • Precise plate positioning thanks to synchronized lifting devices
  • Optimum manual accessibility of the entireclamping unit
  • Ergonomic overall design
  • Fully automatic demoulding and product production
Horizontal machine

The horizontal machine D 969.100 Z (S1) sized up to a clamping force of 1,000 kN provides all equipment features of a big machine.
The clamping of 1,600 kN and the largely dimensioned clamping unit make the horizontal machine D 969.160 Z (S1) an efficient "seal machine".
The most successful DESMA horizontal machine for precision articles made of rubber and silicone - the D 969.300 Z (S1) - is fitted with 3,000 kN clamping force. Compact external dimensions, specific surface compressing and injection pressures up to 3,500 bar ensure perfect production results.  
The horizontal machine D 969.400 Z (S1) with 4,000 kN clamping force is meant for high-value and efficient large-scale series.
The innovative horizontal machine D 969.560 Z (S1) is also a further development of DESMA. It is equipped with an innovative automation system.
Large clamping forces with shot volumes up to 14,200 cm³ are also available on the D 969.700 Z and the D 969.1000 Z. The opening strokes are very long in order to implement 2-deck article productions.

Brushing system
Brushing system

Ground-breaking technology and know-how by DESMA. DESMA offers the right concepts for a wide variety of automation requests. DESMA's program includes fully integrated solutions - whether for automatic metal part assembly or automatic gating removal, or even for further machining processes. At the same time, all automation processes are as far as possible integrated in the machine control system to guarantee optimum process monitoring.

Due to their modular design, all DESMA injection moulding machines offer a high degree of future stability and can also be flexibly retrofitted with a corresponding automation system. Optimum conditions also exist if after years, a change is made to another product range. For process automation, there is a large kit of basic modules that can be combined depending on the application. Special solutions are developed for special applications depending on the requirements.



  • Sturdy brushing systems with electrically driven brush modules and brush bodies
  • Robust brush module guides for accurate demoulding processes
  • To cope with high demoulding forces, we also offer gear variants to drive the brush bodies
  • Our delivery range also comprises servo axles for particularly fast and accurate demoulding processes
  • The brush modules can be optionally equipped with ejector devices or rubbing rollers
  • Fully integrated laser scanners are available for demoulding monitoring
  • The best prerequisites for 3-D demoulding monitoring are offered by the MoVis (mould visualization) system
  • Possibility to integrate spraying and blowing systems
  • Special designs for special demoulding requirements are available

Brushing system examples

Example 1: Brushing system with electrically driven brushing module and electrically driven double brush.
Optionally with twisted brush inserts to minimize noise.

Example 2: Brushing system with two electrically driven brushing modules. Optionally with
scanner control for demoulding and guide rollers for a precise distance between mould surface and brush.

Example 3: Brushing system consisting of two brushing modules with one double brush each for a typical article production with 2 decks. Optionally with spraying devices to apply release agent precisely.

Example 4: Brushing system comprising one brushing module with single brush and one brushing module with additionally integrated ejector plate to demould articles automatically. Optionally with conveyor system for article/ runner separation.

Example 1
Example 1
Example 2
Example 2
Example 3
Example 3
Example 4
Example 4