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Stator machines

Manufacturing pump stators with injection mouldingmachines from the global market leader. For the production of stators, DESMA offers a large scope of special machines in different configurations. Horizontal gating is preferably used for very large dimensions, while for small and medium sizes vertical gating from the top or bottom is also feasible. Corresponding clamping units are also available for small and medium dimensions. Clamping fixtures as well as height-adjustable support frames are part of the comprehensive range of accessories.

With the twin-injection units and the multi-inject function, it is possible to realize injection volumes of several hundred kilograms. Depending on application and injection volume, injection pressures of up to 3,000 bar are available.

The D 969.318 Z2 with twin-inject system is for instance equipped with 2 x 15,900 cm³ injection volumes. The D 969.160 Z2 offers 2 x 8,000 cm³ injection volumes. Both machine types can be equipped with a system to accommodate long pump stators.

Facts about the stator machines:

  • Special machines for manufacturingpump stators
  • Optionally available as single-inject (Z)or twin-inject (ZZ)
  • Shot weights of several hundred kilogrampossible
  • Optionally available with carriage toaccommodate stator pipes
D 969.160 Z2
D 969.160 Z2
D 969.318 Z2
D 969.318 Z2