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    Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA...



    The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have...


DESMA System Solutions

The individual basis of efficient and safe processes

Comprehensive solutions. In order to secure competitive advantages for elastomer processing companies in the long term, DESMA works together with customers to implement system solutions which cater to the individual field of application. These systems are synchronized with regard to technology and economy. Our solutions encompass innovative DESMA injection moulding machines, moulds and automation systems – as well as many other features which provide real added value to our customers.

Turnkey systems for immediate use. Every turnkey system by DESMA combines the specific requirements of our customers and the overall competence of DESMA research & development and consulting & project engineering. In close connection with our excellent service & knowledge transfer, DESMA system solutions allow for safe processes and rubber and silicone moulded part production that is extremely profitable.

A DESMA system solution begins to profit from the initial investment. Innovative DESMA technologies ensure profitable production – from quality assurance and minimal required floor space to low material usage. In parallel, DESMA service ensures maximum life from your equipment.


DESMA injection moulding machines

The open design of the machine architecture forms the basis of all DESMA systems. The modular concept makes it possible to upgrade DESMA machines with DESMA peripheral equipment and innovations. Our DESMA safeguards key technical advantages to ensure future productivity.

DESMA Mould shop

The DESMA mould shop provides hands-on and process-oriented injection moulds and cold runner systems for elastomer processing. Here the multiple requirements of the elastomer processing industry are also factored into the DESMA developments for the direct benefit of our customers.


The DESMA Customer Care Center supports customers worldwide with comprehensive system assembly and equipment commissioning. The DESMA Training Center provides targeted courses, training and e-learning to ensure prompt diagnostics.


The basis of every DESMA solution is formed by comprehensive and thorough consulting. An engineer is assigned to each individual project.This point of contact will support the customer throughout the entire process – from planning and implementation – to final acceptance and installation.


In the DESMA Process Engineering Center, advanced technologies and manufacturing methods are developed and made ready for production. Our developments are born from a fundamental understanding of elastomer processing. Such innovation afford the latest advancements to our customers.

The production of Viton seals was realized through a DESMA 14-nozzle FlowControl cold runner block.  The annual production time amounts to 6,000 hrs with an average efficiency factor of 85 %. With a material price of 20 €/kg and a runner weight plus waste of 5 grammes, it results an annual cost advantage of 95,331 €. The one-time extra investment amounts on the other hand to 75,000 € (CRB + temperation units + triggering).

For a LSR adapter production with hydraulic parallel movement and a closing time of 6 seconds, the degree of utilization can be raised to 98,710 cycles. The production volume rises accordingly to 592,258 pieces. With an article price without material costs of 0,6 € it is possible to save 8,527 € per year. The one-time extra investment amounts to 5,500 € only.

Die Herstellung einer Ventildeckeldichtung ist auf einer Spritzgießmaschine D 968.400 ZO (Benchmark 750) in 2 Ebenen möglich. Die Heizzeit beträgt dabei 90 Sekunden und die Zykluszeit 140 Sekunden. Durch die Erhöhung der Nestzahl von 4 (bei nur 1 Ebene) auf 8 lässt sich mit diesem Verfahren eine Jahresproduktionsmenge pro Spritzgießmaschien von 564.923 auf 1.049.143 Stück verdoppeln. Der Spritzgießmaschinen-Stundensatz steigt mit der 2-Etagenfertigung, das heißt mit einer 2. Werkzeugebene auf 125 €. Die Produktionskosten pro Artikel sinken von 0,797 € auf 0,715 €. Dies entspricht einem Kostenvorteil von 39.560 pro Jahr. Kunden können auf diese Weise eine Spritzgießmaschine einsparen. In Zahlen ausgedrückt sind das 250.000 €.